Council on Latin American and Iberian Studies

CLAIS World Fellow Affiliate Spotlight: Julio Guzmán Cáceres

Julio Guzmán, 2018 Yale World Fellow
January 4, 2019

Julio Guzmán Cáceres is an economist, politician, and public policy expert with extensive experience in international trade and government.  He holds a degree in economics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Peru, as well as a Master’s in Public Policy from Georgetown University and a Ph.D. in Public Policy from the University of Maryland.  In addition to a decade-long career at the Inter-American Development Bank, Julio has served as a deputy minister in the Peruvian Ministry of Labor and was appointed Secretary General of the Cabinet of the Peruvian government in 2013.  Most recently, he campaigned for the presidency of Peru in 2016 and is the founder of the Purple Party.  He has also served as a professor at Georgetown University and the University of Maryland.

What is your professional background, and how did you become active in your specific field?

I am an economist and a public policy expert.  I got into politics after my experience as an official in the Peruvian government.

What drew you to become a World Fellow at Yale?

I was looking for time for peace and reflection; my life as a politician is very intense.  In terms of knowledge, I was interested in knowing more about foreign policy.

Is there any specific project or goal that you hope to accomplish as a World Fellow at the MacMillan Center?

Yes.  I would like to get involved and keep in contact with MacMillan.  In all the activities I engaged in at Yale, I have promoted the idea of the importance of attracting more Latin American students to campus as well as expanding areas of research regarding that region.  Specifically, I would like to be invited to MacMillan to give conferences or lectures.

What current events, personal experiences, or academic interests inform your current project?

My work is inspired by my conviction that we as human beings must transcend.

So far, what have you learned at Yale, and how would you apply this to your everyday work?

I have reassured the importance of diversity and the need to build leadership to face new world challenges.

How would scholars and other researchers benefit from the work that you are doing at MacMillan?

I believe I can share my in-the-field experience in politics.  Because I am campaigning most of the time and personally engaging in organization, I have learned some powerful lessons which, combined with Yale’s world-class academic and research knowledge, can really make a difference.

What sort of dialogues or subjects have come up in your interaction with other World Fellows?

The importance of diversity, tolerance, and good governance.  

Interviewed by Katherine Brown, GSAS 2019 (Spanish & Portuguese)