Student Grant Reports



Agricultural Climate Resilience and Adaptation in Puerto Rico

Allegra Lovejoy Wiprud, School of the Environment

Catalonia Study Trip

Sergio Infante, Department of History
Chentian Jin, Jinchen Zou, Monica Wang, Yale College

Conference Study Tour, La Selva Lacandona

Renata Lozano, Fabiola Hernandez, Sandra Chiri, Alberto Tordesillas, Maria Urrutia, Josefina Cobian, Melaina Dyck

Dominican Republic Urogynecological Trip

Aminah Sallam and Paulina Luna, Yale School of Medicine
Faculty Mentors: Dr. Anna Pancheshnikov and Dr. Ami Acharya
El Hospital de la Mujer, Santo Domingo

International Confederation of Midwives Americas Regional Conference

Jenessa Payano Stark, Yale School of Nursing

Reduced-Impact Forest Management: A Pragmatic Solution for
Conservation in the Tropics
Chris Martin, Graduate Student, F&ES

A town in a National Park?  Or a National Park in a town?

Emily Sigman, Joint Masters in Global Affairs and Forestry

Trip to Chile

Eli Gavin Rau, PhD Candidate, Political Science

Trip to Cuba
Emily Sessions, PhD Candidate, History of Art

Trip to Panama

Emily Sigman, Global Affairs, School of Forestry & Environmental Science

Trip to Patagonia

Maria Esther Guevara, and Oscar Crespo Pinillos, Graduate Students, F&ES
Erik Woodward and Manus McCaffery, Jackson Institute for Global Affairs

Trip to Peru

Melaina Dyck, Masters of Environmental Science

Trip to Puerto Rico

Allegra Lovejoy Wiprud, School of Forestry & Environmental Science