Recent CLAIS Affiliates


Agustina Ordoñez, International Fox Fellow

Research Interests: Social Media, Internet, Legislation, Law, Society, Information

María de los Angeles Aguilar, CLAIS Postdoctoral Fellow

Research Interests: Latin America, State-sponsored violence, Police, Counterinsurgency, Criminalization, Memory, Transitional Justice

Martín Mejía, Visiting Doctoral Fellow from Tulane University

Research Interests: Political Representation, Populism, Democracy, Religion, Latin America

Patricio DellaGiovanna, Agrarian Studies Program Affiliate

Research Interests: Agrifood Governance, Parliamentary Diplomacy, History of International Relations, Latin America & Europe

Enilda Verónica Hurtado Lozada, International Fox Fellow

Research Interests: Extractive Industries, Populism, GrassrootsMobilization, Peru, Bolivia

Laura Alonso, Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellow

Research Interests: Democracy, Ethics, Digitalization, Anticorruption, Latin America, Eastern Europe

Livia Sobota, Maurice R. Greenberg World Fellow

Research Interests: Peacebuilding, Global Health, Diversity and Inclusion


Reinaldo Funes PhotoReinaldo Funes, Visiting Professor (2015-2020)

Professor, Department of History, University of Havana, Cuba.

Research Interests: Cuban, Caribbean and Latin America Environmental History, and History of Science and Technology in Cuba.

MacMillan Report Interview:  Sugar Cane and Agricultural Transformations in Cuba

Alex Munos photoAlex Muñoz Wilson, 2019 Yale World Fellow

National Geographic’s Pristine Seas Director for Latin America, National Geographic Society

Alex Muñoz has been the driving force behind the creation of the seven largest fully-protected marine reserves in Latin America, covering 1.2 million square kilometers of ocean.

Lenita Pisetta photoLenita Rimoli Pisetta, Visiting Fellow

Professor of Translation Theory and Practice (Modern Languages), Universidade de São Paulo
Research interests: Translation Studies, Translation and Psychoanalysis, Translation and Ethics, Literary Translation and Brazilian Literature translated into English.

Diego Tituaña, 2019 Yale World Fellow

Second Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Human Mobility of Ecuador
Diego Tituaña, a Kichwa Otavalo from Ecuador, is a diplomat in the Ecuadorian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. He served at the Permanent Mission to the United Nations from 2014 to 2019 and was in charge of human rights, disarmament, and international security agendas.

Cristina Vélez Valencia photoCristina Vélez Valencia, 2019 Yale World Fellow

Vice President for Public Private Partnerships, Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá, Colombia
Cristina Vélez Valencia is currently the Vice president for Public-Private Partnerships of the Chamber of Commerce of Bogotá and is in charge of programs to foster regional integration and economic development, as well as the Chamber’s knowledge management among other programs involving public and private sectors.

Pablo Vidal PhotoPablo Vidal, Visiting Fellow

Professor, Director of the Anthropology Research Institute, Universidad Catolica de Valencia, Spain
Research interests: Relation between People and Nature: Mountains, Nomadic and Transhumance People, Immaterial Heritage and Hiking.


Sylvia Aguilera Garcia photoSylvia Aguilera García, 2018 Yale World Fellow

Executive Director, Acento, Acción Local, A.C.
Sylvia Aguilera García has more than two decades of experience working in human rights and peace-building in Mexico. During the past 14 years she has focused her work on developing new ways to approach public conflicts in Mexico, mainly those related to land and natural resource management, as well as those associated with the advancement of human rights, the justice system and victims’ rights. 

Walter Fraga, Visiting Fellow

Professor, Department of History, Universidade Federal do Raconcavo da Bahia, Brazil
Research Interests: Post-abolition generations: black family trajectories in Bahia, Brazil (1888-1930)

Pablo Guzman photoJulio Guzmán, 2018 Yale World Fellow

Founder, Purple Party of Peru
Julio Guzmán is a Peruvian politician, leader and founder of the Partido Morado (The Purple Party), a centrist-political national party. He ran for President in the 2016 Elections, climbing to second place with more than 20% of the voting intention, before he was excluded from the race because of “administrative issues” regarding the registration of his candidacy.

Claudia Ribeiro Pereira Nunes, Visiting Fellow

Deputy Coordinator of the Graduate Program in Law; Co-coordinator of Research Group on Global Compartative Law: Governance, Innovation and Sustainability, Veiga de Almeida University, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Research Interests: Global law and governance issues in respect to innovative technology challenges.

Pilar Velasco photoPilar Velasco, 2018 Yale World Fellow and 2019 Visiting Fellow

Journalist, Cadena SER (Prisa Radio)
Pilar Velasco is a Spanish journalist currently working at Cadena SER (Prisa Group), the radio network leader in Spain. Specializing in investigative and data journalism, she has exposed political and economic malpractices in Spain and uncovered high profile international corruption cases.
MacMillan Scholar Spotlight: Pilar Velasco