Career Conversation with Ricardo Joseph

April 20, 2021

The European Studies and Latin American & Iberian Studies Undergraduate Fellows Networks welcomed Ricardo Joseph SOM ‘03 in the most recent installment of the Career Conversations series. Joseph is an entrepreneur who has founded several companies, many of which include social media apps, as well as a grocery delivery service. Now he is the co-founder & COO at ViBe Saúde, a telehealth company helping to revolutionize healthcare in Brazil through technology. (View Video

Technology in healthcare is increasingly popular, and full of potential. Describing healthcare as complex, Jospeh framed for us how accessibility and equality in healthcare can become complicated. Telemedicine, he has shown, can improve this reality. 

Early in his talk, Joseph described Brazil as an unequal country with doctors concentrated in the larger cities and capitals.It’s this inequitable landscape that Joseph’s work seeks to change for the better. 

In comes ViBe Saúde, and other telehealth options, which provides healthcare online. “It’s no big deal, in terms of technology,” said Joseph, describing features like video calls and messages with healthcare providers, but makes a huge difference for anyone seeking accessible care. Joseph’s company in particular has expansive goals as he wants to “not only provide telemedicine on demand, but programs all the time.” With its own team of professional psychologists, doctors, nurses, and more providers within the company, there is a direct and sustained quality of care. 

“Of course, the pandemic was a major factor which boosted us in this moment,” he noted, adding that ViBe Saúde is “ready for a series B; we want to expand.” Joseph’s telehealth company, serving mainly middle-class users with high-quality accessible healthcare, is sure to continue being served by technology through the pandemic and onward. 

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Written by Sophie Kyle Collins, Class of 2023