Leda Blaires Ciotti

Leda Blaires Ciotti's picture
Luce Hall, Room 232
Degree Program: 
Psychology / Cognitive Science

Leda is a sophomore in Jonathan Edwards College with interests ranging from comparative cognition and developmental psychology to anthropology, history, and biodiversity conservation. Being born and raised in eastern Paraguay and near the border with Brazil and Argentina, Leda is especially interested in Iberoamerican history and ethnography, particularly in the impact of imperialism and in the development of language and music. During her LOA in the fall of 2020, Leda contributed to the conservation of jaguars in northeastern Paraguay by collaborating with a biodiversity conservation NGO, rediscovered her love for learning new languages, and enjoyed a lot of good music.

Areas of research and geographical interest:
Ibero America; anthropology, developmental psychology and comparative cognition
Woodbridge Fellow, Council on Latin American & Iberian Studies
Jonathan Edward College
Expected Year of Graduation: 
Class of 2023